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Healthcare Surgeon  Gown With Apron

Healthcare Surgeon Gown With Apron

Healthcare Surgeon Gown With Apron

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Ref. code                          Material                       size                Specification

GW  1040                         SMS,SMMS                 S                      160 cm X 115 cm

GW 1041                          SMS,SMMS                M                      160 cm X 125 cm

GW 1042                          SMS,SMMS                L                        160 cm X 135 cm          

GW 1043                          SMS,SMMS                XL                      160 cm X 145 cm



·         SMS/SMMS/SMMMS anti-static breathable impervious fabric

·         Fluid repellent

·         Excellent  microbial barrier

·         Stronger Fabric with a matte finish, resistance to tears

·         Softer fabric with comfort inside and outside

·         Velcro neck binding

·         Generous Cut

·         Book fold

·         Simple impervious apron from PE foil

·         With ties at the back

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