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About Us

Healthcare Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd (HMDPL) was incorporated in 2008 at Indore (M,P.) The business hub of Central India. HMDPL is a leading manufacturer in India, producing protective & Cost efficient disposable products for the Healthcare sector, HMDPL has been manufacturing a wide range of disposable surgical products such,as surgical drapes & Packs for various surgeries, surgical gloves, surgeon gown & other,protective apparels, 'these products are manufactured according to the requirement of,medical devices direction & in accordance with its well trained & experienced staff.

Entire company has the ability to market a full range of products and to offer its customers good Choice & satisfaction. Production facilities have been constructed and maintained according with the medical devices direction requirement for cleanliness. Plant operation maintain high quality standard by qualified and experienced technical personnel and trained workforce. The company has in house sterilization facility an all its products are sterile by EID.

HMDPL quality process starts right from the procurement of raw material ensuring that it fulfills the requirement of internal use and international biological standards. In the pursuit of quality HMDPL has successfully implemented quality management system by following and maintaining BO 9001 : 2008, BO 13485 : 2003, GM.P (as per WHO guidelines & specification & CE marking. The main objective of the company is to supply domestically & internationally the products manufactured under the Healthcare brand providing unrivaled quality, confidence & comfort for both patient & medical personals and continually improving & updating its range of products according to its customer needs.

Our mission is to integrate customer oriented approach in all the business relations and to develop & manufacture high quality items to guarantee to the best of safety, comfort & convenience in order to enhance the standard in health sector by minimizing the risk of infection during & after operation through the use of our Healthcare products with the motto of "HEALTHCARE FOR HUMAN CARE".

Health Care For Human Care Operation Theater is one of the most critical links in healthcare chain. The conventional method of reusable apparel needs high amount of detergent and possibly flouro-carbonate for laundering which does not provide the protection from blood-borne pathogens and cross contamination. Thereby the reputation of the institution, surgeon and paramedical staff is impaired along with the undesirable consequences to the patients.

To ensure the protection of payments, surgeons and Para medical staff, Healthcare Medical Devices offers single use Healthcare products, which completely fulfill the global medical standards and provides the protection against bacteria, liquids, and preventing infections. And significantly

reduces the risk of hospital acquired infection. With the Motto of "Healthcare For Human Care" We're Healthcare.